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Poster: AppleGirl Date: Oct 2, 2004 5:07pm
Forum: movie_of_the_week Subject: The Orange Ell... kicky!

Wow, cool sports cars, cool fashions, cool commercial space. Ah, to be an upper-class teen in Chestnut Hill. But you could see that the adults had a little too much to do with it to hold the kids' interest in going there after the grand opening. Doomed from the beginning! (Like the professionally-lettered signs with cute sayings: "Coffee an' gobs of whipped cream!"...Aw, somebody's dad had the art department at work make those signs.) The Orange Ell totally wins for Worst Band. I Can't Get No Satisfaction... Ow, it hurts your ears. But that's okay, the teens of Chestnut Hill also win for Worst Dancers.

The groovy little British sports car with the giant furniture in the back... that whole vignette was like something from A Hard Days' Night or the Monkees with the telephoto shots, foreshortening perspective as the car comes up the street. The people crammed into the car with the furniture. Then the shots of the kids each washing a window of the second floor space. Cute. So mid-60s. But very staged. Didn't fit in with the straightforward documentary style of the other coffee houses in the rest of the film.

I love the mansions in the background as the adult who founded the Orange Ell is telling the story. Privileged teens! The Orange Ell was thoroughly planned... making it certainly doomed to fail.

I was part of a group of students who formed a coffee house in the basement of a dorm at the University of Illinois in 1972. It was fun to put it together, gather the furniture, put posters on the walls, and configure the sound system. We stayed open for 2 nights and then we got bored and closed the coffee house.

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Poster: ridetheory Date: Oct 3, 2004 1:25pm
Forum: movie_of_the_week Subject: Re: The Orange Ell... kicky!

We stayed open for 2 nights and then we got bored and closed the coffee house.

Apparently the coffee wasn't strong enough...

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Poster: AppleGirl Date: Oct 5, 2004 6:27pm
Forum: movie_of_the_week Subject: College Coffee

Actually, I think the coffee was TOO strong! The start-up of the coffee house was much more fun than the reality of running it. (As an adult, I found that managing retail start-ups are a blast, but working in a store is a drag.) Also we were college kids, not high schoolers. We had a whole campus full of different fun stuff to do every night, and none of us lived with our parents. I'd love to know how long the Orange Ell stayed interesting for the high school kids involved.

I really loved this film, especially the opening street sequences, the psychedelic special effects at the closing credits, and the Coffee House Rendezvous song.